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   Technical Workshop & Training

 We conduct periodic in-house and public technical training and workshop in many aspects of building pathology, material  diagnosis and also heritage building conservation. 

  • Preservation and Monument Board (PMB), Singapore
  • Technical Lecture Series 

           The lecture is based on the technical study of plaster from 10 historical monuments under PMB. 


  • Heritage Workshop Melaka, Malaysia 

          Sponsored by the Tan Chin Tuan Foundation (National University of Singapore, NUS), a workshop series for the                 construction and conservation techniques of traditional brick masonry and lime plastered buildings in the                   tropical climate was co-organized by MAEK Consulting Pte Ltd and Arqimat:e Pte Ltd at Tun Tan Cheng Lock                     Centre, 54-56 Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Melaka in 2012 & 2013. Participants included undergraduates from NUS,             Singapore building industry professionals from (Urban Redevelopment Authority) URA, heritage conservation                     practitioners (including architects, contractors, material suppliers) in Malaysia and staff from George Town World               Heritage City Incorporated (GTWHCI). They had the rare opportunity to gain valuable insight and knowledge,                    through interactive hands-on practice sessions, in the following areas:

  1. Pre-restoration assessment including dilapidation surveying, materials sampling, tactile survey and detailed defects mapping.
  2. Restoration methods which introduce available materials and techniques used to restore and conserve the masonry wall, covering both traditional and advanced materials.
  3. Post-Restoration Evaluation that involves carrying out tests on the performance of both materials and methods.



        Examples of training topics include:

  • Architectural Dimension Stone
  • Glass Breakage - Looking Through the Risk
  • Ceramic Wall and Floor Tiles – Veiled Controversies
  • Dampness and Water Seepage in Building – Tracing the Leak
  • Managing Building Defects
  • Slips and Trips in Building – Hazards Under Our Feet
  • Sick Building Syndrome – The Invisible Threat
  • Concrete Deterioration and Damage - The Concrete Evidence 
  • Building Pathology – A New Design Paradigm
          This is a series of interactive workshop bringing together invaluable lessons and experiences derived from building           and building component failures. We develop training series with organizations that require customization and                 attention in particular aspects, catering to staff of different levels.