ARQiMAT:e Pte Ltd


ARQiMAT:e prides itself as an innovative third party specialist consultant providing technical supporting services to ensure sustainable asset management and development. The firm is built upon a foundation of dedicated team of multi-disciplined specialists including material engineers, chemists, architects, mechanical engineers, civil and structural engineers, geologists and environmental scientists. Working within the realm of ever inquisitive environment, we strive to provide innovative solutions to problems from design to construction as well as the long term maintenance of buildings including ensuring the health of the built environment and their occupants. In our works, we take into consideration both the economic and environmental sustainability of the development and asset. Hence, we take pains to mitigate unnecessary downstream costs and failures and to minimize any adverse impact on the environment in any projects. 


ARQiMAT:e is also proud to have forged an alliance with Maek Consulting Pte Ltd and Building Conservation Laboratory Pte Ltd, to provide field and laboratory testing in support of conservation and restoration of historical buildings and monuments. 


Material & Architectural Consultancy
Heritage Building Conservation
 Environmental Impact  Assessment
Innovation and Knowledge Management