ARQiMAT:e Pte Ltd

Material & Architectural Consultancy

Performance Evaluation
Durability Study   Fit for Purpose Appraisal Appraisal against standards, codes and specifications 

Failure Analysis
Fractography  Petrography  Simulation & computer modelling Chemical & micro-chemical analysis 

Greening of Materials
Eco-labelling consulting  Life cycle assessment Process & product modification & improvement

Functional Feasibility
Market feasibility study Potential application review


   Projects Undertaken


  • High strength concrete for water desalination plant in Algeria

          We provided technical consultancy on the design of high strength concrete pipes for water desalination plant. 
          This include material composition, mixing process as well as quality control methodology.


  •  Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) of constructed detail at SOTA

            In preventing failure, an FMEA was conducted at School of The Arts (SOTA, Singapore) to analyze features with potential failure.

  •  Glass Failure Investigation

            In this aspect, we have been called in to investigate numerous glass failure cases. We employ macroscopic and microscopic techniques
            in these investigations.

  •  Material Failure Investigation

            We have investigated failure of many materials in buildings including waterproofing, stone (marble, granite etc), sealant, epoxy, plaster, paint etc.
            In these investigations, we employed many techniques including petrography, scanning electron microscopy, Fourier Transform Infrared and many more.
            - Petrography - which is a detail microscopic analysis of minerals and rocks are often employed to in many of our investigation. 
              This highly fine analysis are able to discern numerous clues embedded in the sample. However, this can only be conducted by
              trained petrographer. Below are 2 samples of petrography investigation of epoxy failure
            - Debonded screed and waterproofing failure investigation  
            - Analysis of corroded food waste cement-lined pipe

  •  Building Pathology

            Other building system defects which we have investigated include water seepage, mould growth, swimming pool staining, 
            water feature corrosion etc.
            - Indoor air contamination - Investigation on mould growth and bug infestation.
            - Swimming pool water contamination due to grout failure. 
            - Buckling and debonding of marble tiles.
           - Diagnosis of dampness in building cause unsightly external facade.
             Infra red thermography is used to detect cold spots and sites of poor sealing and leakages.
           - Cracking of ceramic wall tile. In certain case, tile cracking could be induced by poor poor construction of backing.  
            - Cracking in concrete slab is investigated using petrographic examination.

       Eco Labeling Consultancy 

         We assist companies with the process of applying for eco-labeling certification for environmentally friendly products. The two schemes widely adopted in Singapore are from                Singapore Environmental Council (SEC) and Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC).