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Asset Management Consultancy

Risk Assessment
Risk Based Inspection Failure Mode and Criticality Effect Analysis     
Service Life Planning
Remnant life assessment Whole life cost analysis
Condition Audit
Maintainability Audit Sustainability Audit


   Asset Management Consultancy

  • Risk Based Inspection at School of The Arts (SOTA), Singapore

          Following failure of some components at the school, this was conducted together with a failure mode and effect               analysis to assess and minimise risks of other failures. 


  • Analytics Investigation for Asset Management

          Intensive data analytics into asset inspection data from over 3000 properties managed by Jabatan Kerja                           Raya, Malaysia (JKR) on Building Condition and Maintenance Assessment System (BCMAS). The vast amount of                   data collected was sieved through and main issues were prioritized for follow up actions.

  • Asset Inspection System (AIS)

          We have developed a mobile application for improving productivity of inspection process. The system AIS simplifies           data entry of inspection while also making the process more systematic. 
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  • Asset Inspection Consultancy

          We have handled cases for asset inspection including commercial, residential and public schools.