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  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)


         GPR performs ground penetrating radar scans of concrete structure simply and safely, and presents data clearly for real-time and in-the-box 3D data acquisition, display and              analysis. It provides accurate inspection of concrete structure such as floors, walls, slabs, bridge deck for the detection of metallic and non metallic objects and features, i.e.               rebar, post tension cables, metallic/ non-metallic conduits and pipes, voids, as well as the measurement of slab thickness.


  • Infrared Thermography


          Infrared Thermography capture images of infrared energy or temperature. Thermal imagers combine the power of infrared images with visible light images on the same                       display. Thermal thermography, detects heat patterns or temperature changes in objects.


  • Rebound Hammer


          Rebound Hammer measures the elastic properties or strength of concrete or rock, mainly surface hardness and penetration resistance. It acquires the "Q"-value by measuring           the velocity of impact and of rebound immediately before and after the impact.


  • Drilling Resistance Measurement System (DRMS)


          DRMS measures the drilling resistance of stone materials and mortars. It measures the force needed for drilling and the position of the bit during drilling and is equipped with             a software program that allows continuous recording and monitoring of that force in relation to advancement of the bit. The speed of rotation and penetration speed are kept           constant during testing.


  • Borescope


          The borescope is an optical device used for visual inspection work where the area to be inspected is inaccessible by other means.It is use for identifying defects or                             imperfections. 


  • Fiberscope


          The fiberscope is a flexible fiber optic bundle with an eyepiece at one end, and a lens at the other. It is use for inspection work, to examine small components in tightly packed           equipment, when the inspector cannot easily access the part requiring inspection.


  • Speedy Moisture Meter


         Speedy Moisture Meter is a portable system that measures the pressure rise inside the vessel after a reagent is added to the sample, which is proportional to the amount of              moisture. The moisture content value is read directly from the calibrated pressure gauge.


  • Microwave moisture Meter


         The microwave moisture meter uses a microcontroller based handheld, two microwave sensing heads for moisture measurements in the volume and surface area of material              under test. Can be carried out by transmission, reflection or resonators.


  • Leak Seeker


         A multi-mode hand held moisture detection instrument for non-destructive moisture scanning, surveying, and leak tracing in the building envelope, including built up, non-                  conductive single ply membranes, modified and foam roofing systems and EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems).


  • Protimeter

          Use to obtain a qualitative indication of the moisture level beneath the surface or under a floor covering, or actual moisture content or the material's wood moisture equivalent           (WME) value. Can be used as a hygrometer measure the relative humidity, dew point, mixing ratio (grains per pound/parts per million by weight) and ambient temperature.

  • Lumitester


          The Lumitester measures the degree of contamination by the summation of ATP and AMP present, in which micro organisms and food residues have. Therefore, it is a good                 indicator of biological contamination. Results are displayed numerically as Relative Light Unit (RLU).


  • Artec 3D Scanner


         The handheld laser scanner emits a pulsing laser beam, when the beam hits a point of an item, the energy bounces back, where the point is registered. By combining all the              points, a point cloud of the item is created.


  • Leica Scanner


          A laser scanner emits a rapidly pulsing or continuous laser beam, as it emits the beam, the scanner automatically rotates around it vertical axis. A rapidly spinning mirror also             moves the beam up and down, the result, is a systematic sweeping of the beam over the area. When the beam hits an area, some of this energy bounces back to the scanner           where a sensor detects it. The resulting scan is a detailed 3D representation of the scene.


  • Pendulum Rebound (Concrete Test) Hammer


         Design to measure the elastic properties or strength on softer materials such as light weight concrete, gypsum boards, fresh concrete and the mortar of joints in brickwork.                The only rebound hammer worldwide working with the pendulum system, therefore it must not be loaded on the test surface. 


  • Cordless Angle Grinder

  • Cordless Hammer Driver Drill


  • Polarizing Fluorescence Microscope

          A microscope focused on the examination of crystalline structures. Designed for use in both routine and research applications in field such as; geology, mineralogy,                             crystallography, ceramic/glass, polymers, textiles, and forensics.
  • Stereo Microscope

          This high precision stereo microscope is able to capture samples with 1.9 to 225x magnification. It delivers crisp 3D images from overview to small details.