ARQiMAT:e Pte Ltd

Mr Wong Chung Wan 


  • B.Eng. in Civil & Structural, National University of Singapore
  • M.Sc. in Building Science, National University of Singapore

Professional Experience

Mr. Wong has more than 20 years of extensive experience in materials consultancy, building diagnosis & audit and building envelope consulting works. He has undertaken a large number of projects, providing 3rd party advisory and consulting services in building pathology, conservation and restoration of historical buildings, materials evaluation and environmental studies. 

During the course of work, Mr Wong has addressed numerous issues on durability and sustainability in both the design and construction stages such as service life prediction, durability study, maintainability, conservation and restoration and life cycle assessment (LCA). He is also trained in concrete petrography, a technique which he uses extensively in failure analysis and material performance appraisal.

Mr Wong lectures part-time at the School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore and UNISIM on Building Diagnostics and Building Maintainability. He is also a trainer at the Building & Construction Authority(BCA) Academy of Built Environment. Mr. Wong presently sits in SPRING Technical Committee, Products Certification Technical Committee of the Singapore Green Building Council and the Environmental Sustainability Technical Committee of the Singapore Contractors Association Ltd (SCAL). He is also part of the International Technical Committee of the World Congress of Ceramic Tile (QUALICER).

He enjoys playing basketball during his free time.

Ms Foo Chin Peng 


  • B.Eng. in Mechanical & Production, National University of Singapore
  • M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore
  • MBA. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Melbourne

Professional Experience

Ms Foo has 20 years experience in technical and management functions of which include process engineering, semiconductor manufacturing, quality assurance, supplier management and customer service. Prior to ARQiMAT:e, she has been in charge of production line transfer from Singapore to China and the start-up of semiconductor wafer fabrication facility. Her area of expertise includes process engineering, quality management, supplier management and technical documentation. 

She has handled green labeling of environmentally friendly products, carbon footprinting and geographical information system for environmental aspect of master plan. Besides being involved in project operations, Chin Peng handles all other administrative and financial matters of the organization. She also research into new technology applications, research and development of new capability in the organization.

Ms Foo interests are in process engineering, product & process development and especially corporate sustainable responsibility which she had done research while pursuing her MBA.


Mr Krishnankutty Pramesh 


  • B.Architecture
  • M.Sc. in Construction Management, Loughborough University

Professional Experience

Pramesh obtained his bachelor and masters with scholarship from the School of Civil and Building Engineering, Loughborough University, UK. Upon successful completion of his masters, he was then associated with the initial stage of a research project, 'The Impact of BIM and work flow management technologies on the communication practices of construction procurement' for Northumbria University, U.K.  

Prior to ARQiMAT:e, Pramesh was a Design Consultant with David & Associates, India, handling property development, interior and landscape design for various properties.

During the course of his work, he has been a material consultant for several conservation projects including, Victoria Theatre & Victoria Concert hall and as a Conservation Consultant (for contractor) for South Beach Mixed Development project. Pramesh has also completed a dilapidation survey on various conservation projects such as, the Cathedral of Good Shepherd, Stamford house, Chijmes Singapore and Precondition survey and Post Restoration assessment of the Ministry of Foreign affairs building, Singapore. 

In addition to his professional qualifications, Pramesh is also a member of various professional organisations such as Singapore Heritage Society, International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), Institute for Archaeologists (IFA), Association for Preservation Technology International (APT) and Council of Architecture India. Pramesh supports and contributes to Singapore Cancer Society. He has also attended various BCA Singapore-certified courses including Green Mark Facilities Manager, Environmental sustainability and Buildable Design.

Mr Eddie Loke Jun Wei 


  • Dip. in Chemical Engineering, Ngee Ann PolyTechnic
  • B.Eng. in Environmental Engineering (Hons), Nanyang Technological University

Professional Experience

Eddie has research experience at Tianjin University, School of Chemical Engineering as a research assistant. He started off as an intern in ARQiMAT:e, before deciding to continue working for the company after he graduated. 

In his short stint with the company, he has already been heavily involved in material consultancy service to several conservation projects including Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Buckley Classique, Capitol Theatre, Stamford House, Family & Juvenile Court and former Fairfield Girls' School. He has also provided solutions to various building diagnostic works at Park Regis Hotel, Costa Del Sol Condominium and a life science laboratory. 


Ms Ryanne Tang Hui Shan


  • B.Sc. in Chemistry & Biological Chemistry (Hons), Nanyang Technological University

Professional Experience

Ryanne specializes in Green Chemistry and Medical Chemistry.

Ryanne is our in-house chemist and is in charge of all laboratory testing. She provides technical consultancy for building materials diagnostics, environmental and chemical testing. She has experience in various analytical instrumentation such as FTIR, HPLC, Raman & UV Spectrometers. Ryanne also handles petrography and microscopic analysis which are used for building failure diagnosis and material evaluation. She has handled the material diagnostic projects at several developments as well as conservation of Parliament Building in Malaysia. She has also provided material testing consultancy for 10 monuments under Preservation & Monument Board (PMB), National University of Singapore (NUS) Baba House and material failure analysis such as epoxy flooring and swimming pool grout failure.

Mr Pyae Phyo Kyaw


  • B.Sc. in Geology (Hons), University of East Yangon

Professional Experience

Pyae Phyo (PP) has been involved in geotechnical works involving soil and rock mechanics, design of foundation, retaining structures and earth structures as well as natrual materials found on surface of earth. He has also practiced as surveyor. Prior to ARQiMAT:e, he was a geologist involved in petrography, mineralogy and aggregates examination. PP is in presently involved in petrography, surveying and bulding archaelogy. He is also familiar with site investigation and building pathology using various diagnostic equipments.

PP also has certifications in mineralogical specimen preparation, geotechnical investigation and advanced surveying. He is also certified in AutoCAD engineering drawing.

Mr Lionel Foo Mou Hsien


  • Dip. in Mechanical Engineering, Ngee Ann Polytechnic
  • B.Eng. in Civil Engineering, National University of Singapore

Professional Experience

Lionel has experience in planning and managing site engineering projects as Enterprise Architect attached to Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA). Lionel specialised in workflow process modeling and improvement using Aris. Lionel also managed other site installations projects. 

At ARQiMAT:e, he has been consultant to several conservation projects including Capitol Theatre and the Supreme Court. Lionel has experience numerous diagnostic of materials and process-related issues at these conservation projects.


Elanor Tan Yann Yee


  • B.Sc. in Projects and Facilities Management (Hons), National University of Singapore

Professional Experience

Elanor has been actively involved in practical and industrial work throughout her academic years and vacation as an intern. She had participated in the NUS Student Exchange programme, where she had an opportunity to study Architectural Engineering in Hanyang University for a semester. During her stay in Korea, she was also working as an intern with the Structural Works Department of Samsung Construction and Technology (Korea). Prior to ARQiMAT:e, she has also past experience working as a Quantity Surveyor with Shimizu Corporation (Singapore).

Currently, Elanor manages the development of Asset Inspection System (AIS) which is a productivity enhancement tool for asset inspection, develop workshops and training courses, which are essential parts of knowledge management for all organizations. She is highly involved in various asset inspection projects.


Ms Lim Mui Ee

Professional Experience

Ms Lim is a qualified accountant and, handles all accounting and financial issues for ARQiMAT:e. She has more than 10 years accounting experience.