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Projects & Experiences

Projects & Experiences
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  Master Planning and Environmental Impact Assessment

We were engaged to play the role of environmental consultant for several master planning projects in China and development projects in Singapore. We conducted environmental impact analysis and provide advise to architects and designers on improving design and sustainability through environmental considerations taking into account green environment concerns. We also work with other biodiversity experts to conduct biodiversity study of green and forested areas prior and after construction.



  • Preliminary Environmental Impact Analysis of Temasek Town Club Design 

          Analysis of environmental surrounding and design of club house to minimize negative environmental impact. We               have adopted these approaches in the project namely, mitigation, compensation, enhancement and green                       design. 


  • Environmental Impact Analysis of Road Construction at Bukit Brown 

         Short study on environmental impact of design of flyover bridge construction. The bridge design helps reduce its                footprint on green areas below thus maintaining a green corridor for small animals.


  • Master Plan for Eco township in Dalian and Guangzhou China
  • Sustainability index displayed using Geographical Information System)